Temperature and Humidity As The Main Advantages of Modulating HVAC system

Temperature and humidity are two major benefits of modulating HVAC systems. These are aspects often overlooked by homeowners when purchasing HVAC system. Humidity and temperature have been the most important aspects of comfort in the home.

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TO start with, Let’s see the differences between the two types of HVAC systems. A fixed Speed HVAC has only one option of running at full speed. A modulating system, on the other hand, has the option of running at two or more speeds at once. In regards to temperature control, it means that a modulating system will manage to give a consistent level of air conditioning which is directly proportion to the needs in our home as opposed to the fixed speed HVAC system. Homeowners are likely to notice this difference in the rooms receiving the least airflow, which in turn causes cold or hot spots.

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Having a consistent airflow have a direct impact on the quality of life of a homeowner. A fixed speed system often leads to too cold or too hot air depending on whether the system is cycling off or on. Amplified cycling speeds can create a nuisance sound which can bother the homeowners and their neighbors. Conversely, a modulating system can give you a less intense and longer lasting airflow, which maintain the temperature in the room at steady levels. A steady temperature in the rooms allows the homeowners to experience the comfort they crave. This is due to its ability to have few cycles compared to the fixed speed systems.

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Humidity is manifested in different ways in the home. In respect to the home owner’s comfort, humidity accelerates the warmth in the environment and can also stir up clumsiness. Given that the modulating HVAC system maintains consistency; more air is cycled via this system releasing moisture which in turn lowers humidity indoors. Remember the saying that goes “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” Lower humidity will allow the homeowner to raise thermostat temperatures. This saves energy without registering a difference in the feel of air temperature.

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Apart from the feel in the air, relative high humidity can lead to the growth of mold. As a matter of fact, the (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that we should keep low levels of humidity (do not exceed 50%) through out the day. Relative humidity is allowed to go to the highs of 60% in high-speed system, while modulating system never breaks higher than 50%. Mold is harmful to human health as well as the physical outlook of the home and its features. Harmful mold growth is prevented by Modulating HVAC system since it removes moisture from the air.

Tangible Benefits of HVAC system

When you are still in the process of purchasing HVAC, it’s of paramount importance that you evaluate its benefits relating to comfort and livability within your home. While payback is a reason enough to purchase it, these systems do provide you with other tangible advantages relating to the way you sleep and live. To most users, this is just but priceless.