Small Bathroom Renovations to Create Heaven in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a distinct area of the house, it is a room for personal hygiene and personal space. The look of your bathroom speaks a lot on your personal style, test and your needs. Dark and small bathrooms are however never charming, but imagine renovation. Imagine a wise selection of functional storage ideas, bathroom essentials and stylish decorations. Your tiny space will be turned to an inviting and cozy spot. Your small bathroom will highly benefit by carrying small bathroom renovations. Such a renovation should make the small space feel larger.

Glass showers

Glass showers should be the first essential to implement in your small bathroom renovations endeavor. Glass showers along with other materials make the space feel bigger and brighter. Luxury bathrooms have shower glass enclosures as they enhance a spa-like feel. An elegant looking glass enclosure ensures that you can clearly view the tile pattern featured within the shower. Hiring a good contractor for your glass renovation will ensure perfect installation. Contractors get creative with the types, sizes and shapes.

Add mirrors

Every bathroom needs a mirror, a small bathroom more importantly needs one. Adding a large mirror does not take any floor space but will take a brilliant illusion of the spacious interior. You could also consider installing a bathroom cabinet with a mirrored door. Mirrors simply create an airy feel and atmosphere for your bathroom interior.

Shelves for more room

When budget is a little concern, you can a little shelf to create more storage room. Adding shelves ensures that you keep the general d├ęcor of the room with a little more storage for towel. Shelves come in various shapes and sizes, feel free to choose the best one with your small bathroom renovations contractor.



Lighting is an important factor for any area of the house, especially for your small bathroom. A adequate lighting lets you see what you are doing, whether brushing teeth, shaving or simply freshening up. Having the right light fixtures installed will also do the trick to make your small bathroom space look bigger than it actually is. Adding window to add natural light can also eliminate the sense of confinement feeling. It will add a new level of comforter and a whole new atmosphere.

Pick right colors

Apart from simply lighting your bathroom, you need to pick colors that make the room lighter and better. Colors have a really big impact on your space and make it feel larger than it actually is. Light colors, soft and neutral tones are ideal for your small space, they tend to open up and make it seem larger. Avoid dark colors as they make the room feel small.


Tiny bathrooms are definitely a big challenge, but with these small bathroom renovations ideas, you can make the space appear bigger and add space for things you use daily. The above are just a few ideas to get started. Find the right contractor for the job and ensure that your bathroom is endowed with the right space. You can also find a bathroom designer or a bathroom remodeling contractor like Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters to convert your small space to an efficient and beautiful one.