Do Concrete Driveways Have Less Durability Than Paver Driveways?

One of the best ways to make your driveway stand out among the rest without using either concrete or asphalt is to utilize paver driveway options.

Pavers are durable materials that are made from cement, brick or stone which comes in varying texture, styles and sizes. Paver installation could potentially cost more and take longer than a concrete or an asphalt installation since its pieces are installed individually by hand.

However, the advantages of properly installed paver driveways is its less maintenance cost compared to a cement driveway due to the fact that it is not prone to any cracking unlike a cement driveway does.

Bill Whelchel, the person who owns Whelchel and Gleason Landscape and Construction in Rio Rancho, New Mexico personally stated that paver driveways are very much suited and fashionably goes with newly constructed custom homes, so if you have one, it only makes sense that you install a paver driveway to your nice and new custom home.

Paver Installation And Its Corresponding Costs

Jerry Parrish, owner of S & J’s Landscaping in St. Louis, Missouri, describes paver installation as an installation utilizing a sand base which is laid by constructors before installing the pavers at about a 13-inch depth into the ground. The pavers that are installed are then kept in place through the use of edging which will be locked into position using a blend of sand and additives that is mixed in water called “polymeric sand”.

Parrish also noted that paver takes longer time to complete unlike concrete does, which usually takes at least three or four days maximum due to the fact that each of the individual pavers have to be placed manually by hand.

He also added that one way or the other, each paver must be physically handled individually.

This additional labor only means additional cost the owner.

If we are to compare prices a standard concrete driveway from AAA Concreting has a $5 per square foot installation price, while a stamped concrete driveway on the other hand, which includes installation of colors and patterns ranges from $8 up to $10 per square foot of installation. However, when it comes to paver driveways, Parrish and Whelchel specifically pointed out that the usual installation cost of a paver driveway ranges between 12$ up to $15 per square foot of installation which could still climb higher depending on the type of paver material being installed.

Whelchel specifically stated that the downside of paver driveways is its expensive cost.

Strength: Paver vs Concrete

Parrish specifically quoted that a paver driveway is potentially three times stronger than a concrete driveway is, given that it is correctly and properly installed. Aside from that, paver driveways are also easy to repair if ever there are cracks that will appear in them.

Cracks are being prevented from forming by contractors through the use of special types of jointsHowever if this doesn’t work, Parrish and Whelchel specifically pointed out that you can either fill in the cracks, or tear it out and start over again.

Parish and Whelchel also specifically pointed out that this would not be the case when it comes to cracked paver, as repair could be easily done when it comes to paver driveways due to the fact that you can right away replace the damaged piece without affecting the other part of the driveway.

As Whelchel said, when it comes to cracked pavers, its just a simple take out and replace.